Forest Birds Hide Photography

Golden Oriole by Dimiter Georgiev

We offer a complex of 4 wooden bird photography hides set in different habitats in the Eastern Balkan Range in Bulgaria. They are at a walking distance from one another. Each hide can accommodate 2 or 3 photographers.

The main targets include 7 species of woodpecker (among which the Grey-headed Woodpecker, European Green Woodpecker, Syrian Woodpecker and Middle Spotted Woodpecker), Eurasian Golden Oriole, European Turtle Dove, Sombre Tit, Hawfinch, Black-headed Bunting, Cirl Bunting and others.

HERE is the list of birds, which can be photographed from the hides, the time of year they can be photographed and the chances/probability of taking good shots.

Description of the bird photography hides:

Distance to the birds to be photographed: from 5 to 12 meters

Recommended focal length: 300 – 400 mm

Tripod: Essential for two of the hides. In the rest of the hides one can use either a tripod or shelves, where to mount a head or put a bean-bag.
We provide tripods and heads for the photographers who do not have such.

Orientation / Photography direction of the hides: north, southwest and southeast

Photographic approach: We take photos through special sleeve-type curtains (i.e. naturally).
Two of the hides are designed for photographing either through the sleeve-type curtains or through a special one-way (stopsol) glass, depending on your preferences.

There are bird drinking pools in front of two of the hides – one on ground level and the second one in front of a tower hide at 8 meters height.


Costs per person, in EUR for package tours:

Number of persons 2-day tour
incl. 2 days photography and
2 nights’ accommodation
3-day tour
incl. 3 days photography and
3 nights’ accommodation
One person 530 EUR 760 EUR
Two persons 350 EUR 480 EUR
Three persons 290 EUR 390 EUR


The costs include: use of the hides, B&B accommodation in a local guest house – in en-suite double/twin room, transfers from the coastal cities of Varna or Bourgas.

Single room supplement: 20 EUR per night


Costs for renting the hides per day – for individual travelers:

• One person in the hide: 90 EUR per day

• Two persons in the hide: 120 EUR (x 60 EUR pp) per day

• Three persons in the hide: 150 EUR (x 50 EUR pp) per day

* We give 10 % discount for using the hides for two or more consecutive days.
* The above costs are valid for using more than one hide per day.

Eurasian Sparrowhawk by Terry AylingEurasian Sparrowhawk by Terry Ayling

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