winter birding


We are all set and ready for winter birding

Winter is almost here, in the south-eastern Balkans, and it is this time of year […]


Our first 2020 tour – a brief overview by tour guide Minko Madzharov

Our first 2020 tour, run in the period 2nd – 6th January, went smoothly and […]


Winter Birding Tour at Lake Kekrini 11th – 15th February 2018

Trip report_Winter Birding Tour at Lake Kerkini _11th -15th Feb 2018_revised

With the new year, the number of Red-breasted Geese has increased

On January 2, 2017 a joint team of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Neophron Tours […]


The Red-breasted Geese have arrived

The cold spell in mid-December resulted in a big number of waterfowl coming from the […]


The Red-breasted Geese in Northeastern Bulgaria: update

The Red-breasted Geese maintain steady numbers in their traditional wintering grounds in NE Bulgaria. During […]