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Mountain Flowers

A leisure tour, designed to introduce you to a wealth of beautiful high mountain plants, many of which endemic to the Balkan region. We will explore the Vitosha Nature Park, the Rila and the Pirin National Parks and the Western Rhodope Mountains.

Papaver degenii 3

Wild Flowers in Spring

A delightful holiday, designed to introduce you to a wealth of beautiful coastal and low mountain wild flowers, many of which endemic to the Balkan region. We will explore the Black Sea coast, the Eastern Balkan, the Strandzha and the Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

Kaliakra stepppe by Dimiter Georgiev_cr

Dragonfly Tour

With its 68 dragonfly species on record, Bulgaria boasts a remarkable Odonata diversity, given that the registered dragonfly species in Europe are 130. Here we come across dragonflies from the sea level to the high mountain zones.

Red-veined Darter_ Sympetrum fonscolombii

Butterfly Tour

A 9-day wildlife holiday to Bulgaria’s south-western mountain ranges in search of butterflies, birds and alpine flowers

Southern Comma (Polygonia egea) by Simeon Gigov

Spring Birding in Northern Greece

A rewarding trip to one of the best preserved areas in Europe with outstanding scenery, great habitats and more than 200 species of birds to see!

Black-headed Bunting by Mladen Vasilev

Winter Birding in Northern Greece

The lagoons and lakes of Northern Greece hold huge amounts of birds in the winter that has escaped from the harsh weather in Central and Eastern Europe. Join us on this tour for a great birding experience with thousands of birds to see each day!

Dalmatian pelicans by Mladen Vasilev

Long Weekend at Lake Kerkini

Nestled picturesquely between two separate mountain ranges, Lake Kerkini is one of the true jewels of European birding and the core of a nature reserve that is a relatively unexplored wonderland of beauty and biological diversity.   Kerkini Lake National Park has a lot to offer throughout the year. Plenty of White and Dalmatian pelicans, […]

Greater Flamingo by Mladen Vasilev

Amphibian & Reptile Tour

The diversity of amphibians and reptiles in Bulgaria is remarkable. On this tour we have the chance to see and photograph a big variety of species, which are typical for the Black sea and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.


Brown Bears & Birds

Bulgaria hosts one of the most stable populations of the Brown Bear in Europe. About 800 animals inhabit the mountains in the central and southwestern parts of the country.

Brown Bear_Daniel Ray_r

Wolves & Vultures

The Eastern part of the Rhodope Mountains is the realm of wolf packs, as here is one of the densest populations of the Wolf in Bulgaria. The most spectacular birds of the region in winter are the vultures – Eurasian Griffon and Eurasian Black vultures.