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A short break in Bulgaria’s magnificent Trigrad Gorge – probably the most reliable place in Europe to find and enjoy this exciting bird.

Wallcreepers by Mladen Vasilev

Balkan Specialties Tour in Bulgaria

A 4-day tour along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, focusing on the observation of some of the most targeted species of birds in Southeastern Europe

Semi-collared Flycatcher by Mladen Vasilev

Autumn Migration in Bulgaria

A tour focusing on the spectacular annual migration of thousands of birds of prey, pelicans, storks and passerines along the Black Sea Flyway, known as the Via Pontica.

Lesser Spotted Eagle by Dimiter Georgiev

Red-breasted Goose

An utterly rewarding trip, designed for birders keen enough to neglect the cold!

Red-breasted Geese by Mladen Vasilev

Classic Spring Birding in Bulgaria

A fortnight spring birding tour, exploring some of the most beautiful, bird-rich landscapes in Europe – the Black Sea coast, the Rhodopes, the Central Balkan and the Vitosha Mountains.

Black-headed Bunting by Mladen Vasilev

Winter Birding in Bulgaria

Every year hundreds of thousands of wild geese, among which almost the whole population of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose, choose the north-eastern corner of Bulgaria to spend the winter.

Red-breasted Geese by Mladen Vasilev

The Best of Bulgaria

Few countries can rival Bulgaria’s scenic splendour and diverse nature. The landscape changes every few kilometers to reveal alpine mountains, rivers with spectacular canyons, vast meadows and forests, coastal wetlands and sand beaches…

A view from the Pirin Mountain by Dimiter Georgiev

Mountain Flowers of Bulgaria

A leisure tour, designed to introduce you to a wealth of beautiful high mountain plants, many of which endemic to the Balkan region. We will explore the Vitosha Nature Park, the Rila and the Pirin National Parks and the Western Rhodope Mountains.

Spring Wild Flowers of Bulgaria

A delightful holiday, designed to introduce you to a wealth of beautiful coastal and low mountain wild flowers, many of which endemic to the Balkan region. We will explore the Black Sea coast, the Eastern Balkan, the Strandzha and the Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

Dragonfly Tour in Bulgaria

With its 68 dragonfly species on record, Bulgaria boasts a remarkable Odonata diversity, given that the registered dragonfly species in Europe are 130. Here we come across dragonflies from the sea level to the high mountain zones.