Winter Photography Tour

Griffon Vultures by Mladen Vasilev

This is a photography tour focusing on two main bird species – the Dalmatian Pelican and the Griffon Vulture.

Day 1
The tour starts from Sofia at 14.00 h in the afternoon, at the latest. The tour participants will be picked up either from Sofia Airport, as they are kindly requested to arrive there until 14.00 h (2 p.m.), or from their accommodation place within the city of Sofia, if they have arrived earlier. Then we will be driving south (for about 3 hours) to Lake Kerkini in Northern Greece, on the other side of the Bulgarian-Greek border. We will check-in in a small family-run hotel near the lake for three nights.

Day 2 & 3
We will be taking photos of Dalmatian Pelicans in the lake both from the lakes’ banks and from a boat. Except the Dalmatian Pelicans the lake offers good opportunities to photograph also the Pygmy Cormorant, Greater Flamingo, Greater Spotted Eagle, Great Egret and various waterfowl.

Day 4
We will spend the day transferring to the Eastern Rhodopes mountain region in Southern Bulgaria. The approximately 6 hour scenic drive will take us to our base in a lodge in the area of the town of Krumovgrad, where we will be staying for three nights.  The Eastern Rhodope Mountains is an area of exceptional biodiversity in all seasons. Here we support the local vulture populations by regularly bringing carcass to feeding tables. To take photos of the action of feeding we use the adjacent hides.


Day 5 & 6
We will spend these two days aiming to photograph our second target species, the Griffon Vulture from our fixed hides. Apart from the Griffon Vulture we will have good opportunities to photograph also the Black Vulture, Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle and other species of birds of prey. It sometimes happens a Red Fox, Golden Jackal, or a Wolf to turn up at the feeding table too.

If time allows we can also try to photograph a variety of passerine birds (like the Hawfinch, Siskin, Brambling, Sombre Tit, etc.) visiting the feeders, which we are maintaining in this area. We will be sure to visit a nearby reserve where a reintroduced population of European Bison roam in the wild  – a setting that makes for good photography.

Day 7
After breakfast you will be transferred back to Sofia airport (3 ½ hours driving), or to Bourgas airport on the coast (3 hours driving) – for your return flights.

Eurasian Griffon Vulture by Dimiter Georgiev
Eurasian Griffon Vulture by Dimiter Georgiev

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