A rewarding Rock Partridge Day Tour

On the 28th Feb 2021 we had a day birding trip to the Western Balkan Range (Bulgaria), targeting mainly the elusive Rock Partridge (Alectoris graeca). This video shows our highlight. We got 2 Rock Partridges, showing for about an hour. During the day we observed plenty of other interesting birds, including a Golden Eagle, a pair of Long-legged Buzzards, a Northern Goshawk, Gey-headed, Eurasian Green and Syrian woodpeckers, singing Sombre Tits, flocks of migrating Fieldfares and Bramblings, etc.

To check out our Rock Partridge short break, please visit – https://www.neophron.com/tour/rock-partridge/

The Rock Partridge can be seen on our Woodpeckers, Owls and Grouse tour too – https://www.neophron.com/tour/woodpeckers-owls-and-grouse/